Time Study Buddy

About the Time Study Buddy®

… more than just a time study

The Time Study Buddy® was founded by a former county fiscal officer. In addition to automating the time study process, it can connect to other county processes. This includes ADFS integration, Single Sign-On, and Payroll Time Cards. Reports are instantly available in Excel and database formats.


Design and programming began in 2009 with implementation for Social Services in 2010, and expanding to County Public Health, Mental Health, Probation, and First 5.

Our Customers

Currently used by 30 California counties.

IT Requirements

We host the hardware and software and your workers access our platform using a computer with Internet access.

Your Data

Your workers input their data into the Time Study Buddy. We maintain your data in a secure and confidential environment, and we provide you with immediate access to your data via downloadable Excel reports.


It was designed to automate the entire time study process, from workers making daily time study entries to reporting the results.


Tools are provided to help maximize revenue.


We comply with all State and Federal regulations and guidelines, including the use of electronic signatures.