Time Study Buddy

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Time Study Buddy® more efficient?

From the beginning to the end of each quarter's time study and county expense claim, the Buddy uses a powerful database to automate the entire process.

How is the Buddy more accurate?

No more math errors. No more re-keying of data errors. No more payroll reconciliation discrepancies.

How does the Buddy maximize revenue?

In a couple of ways: First, the Buddy provides tools to help workers select appropriate time study codes to maximize revenue. Second, the Buddy provides claiming projections so staffing levels and code usage can be managed to reduce overspending of allocations.

What are the IT requirements?

Your workers access the Buddy using a computer with Internet access. We currently support Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Firefox.

What are the training requirements?

Minimal: We train your administrative staff and you train your workers. The Buddy was designed to be intuitive and most workers need no training at all. You may choose to ask your Staff Development team to provide a short training for the workers. We can provide the materials for that.

How do I get started?

Contact us to arrange a one-hour presentation, either virtually or at your county's office. Typically we then select a few of your worker units to operate a free pilot. There is no cost or commitment for the presentation and pilot.

How much does the Buddy cost?

Our standard fee is between $25 to $35 per worker per quarter. For counties with less than 100 workers the minimum quarterly fee is $2,500. For counties with over 500 workers the fee for the additional workers is reduced to $12.50. This fee is all-inclusive.

Is there a long-term commitment?

For you, no: You can revert back to your current time study system at any time with no further obligation. For us, yes: We are committed to continually improving our service to you.

What is the implementation process?

For each worker we need data from their last quarter’s time study and their email address. We provide an Excel worksheet template to gather the data for upload.

What if there's a difference between the worker's time study and their payroll time card?

We provide tools to help you reconcile and correct any discrepancies. We can assist you with uploading your payroll information directly into the Time Study Buddy.

Do you use electronic signatures?

Yes, for both the worker and their supervisor.